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Conserva create strategies, projects and products for regenerative impact.

We use impact analysis, cultural insights, and a powerful network to act in the intersection of cultural, social and natural systems.

Our clients are design-oriented brands and organizations willing to question dominant sustainability myths and see a new vision of value.




We define key priorities for a viable strategy that will establish, increase or solidify a brand’s commitment to people and the planet.

After a deep dive into the client’s values and motivations, we implement creative and technical workshops to map processes and impact. Next, we identify opportunities and propose a plan of sustainable action with clear and feasible initiatives.


— Immersion/Brainstorm: Brand’s Values and Motivations — Product/Supply Chain Impact Analysis — Context Analysis — Identification of Opportunities — Portfolio of Initiatives — Systems and Value Creation Mapping — Project Action Plan — Execution — Communication Strategy — Monitoring and Reviewing — Impact Analysis — Storytelling



We are product experts who believe in creating positive change through meaningful design and regenerative supply chains.

By identifying relevant material and manufacturing impact and dependencies, we create products and supply chain strategies that aim to regenerate nature and help communities flourish.

In the Global South, we engage with and support local production networks in business with fashion, home, wellness, food, beverage, and skincare brands, tailoring solutions to each place’s unique bioculture. We can:

— Source available materials. — Partner with organizations operating at the source of regenerative sourcing and material extraction. — Collaborate with technical teams for improved/healthier material manufacturing, washing, dyeing and finishing. — Research and manage fiber development/testing in partnership with start-ups, labs, and innovators. — Develop recycling projects with specialized partners. — Facilitate custom textiles by designers and traditional weavers, supporting the longevity of ancient techniques and bringing economic development that regenerate communities. We establish Design and Production Guidelines. This way, teams have a clear set of technical requisites that support decision-making aligned with sustainable positioning. We also create and update material databases that can be consulted by design, buying, and production teams now and in the future.


I have been shaping and building design-driven brands for the past 20 years. My work spans from research and strategy to brand development and product innovation, largely in fashion and textile-related fields.

I develop strategies with a focus on regenerative systems. In collaboration with artisans, scientists, farmers, material experts and technicians I help companies design, make, market, and communicate products founded on social and environmental responsibility. I am passionate about transforming purpose into action.

I am a partner at FARFARM. We are experts in agroforestry fibers and other regenerative supply chains. Our goal is to restore the relationship between humanity and the ecosystems from which we draw resources, from soil to retail.

I also work with research offices investigating movements and creating narratives that help companies understand the future and brands become more relevant in the cultural sphere.